The best upcoming mobiles 2017 has in store for us

Like pretty much everything else, the world of technology is constantly evolving. We see improvements and new releases for computers, cars, and pretty much every other device imaginable. One thing in particular is ruling our lives these days. It would be impossible to live without a smartphone nowadays. Especially if you are somebody who wants to keep up with all the latest trends and get notified whenever there is something important happening in the world. The best way to make sure you are not behind is by having a smartphone with you at all times. But even then people are not satisfied. Whenever a new model comes out, they immediately jump in to make sure that they get an upgrade. Having the newest model available is a thing of prestige and nothing more really. There is barely any noticeable changes whenever a new Samsung or iPhone comes out. People still rush and wait in lines to make sure that they have the newest device. Like with pretty much every other year, we should expect some changes in the market in 2017 as well. The new mobile phones 2017 has in store for us are quite decent, and every fan in the world should rejoice. Here are a couple of mobile phones that you should keep an eye on. Especially if you consider switching from your current one.

•    Microsoft Surface phone. There have been mixed reviews about the previous Surface Phone, and some rumors would suggest that we will no longer see one in the future. Instead, we have a new developer that will present this device in three different ways. While the smartphone and a tablet are pretty much guaranteed, there are speculations on what the third one will be. Maybe we should be expecting a new computer? Or perhaps there will be something totally different and unexpected? Whatever the case may be, things are quite vague. Some sources report that Windows 10 will be the operating system, others deny this. All in all, things are unclear about this whole situation. Maybe the best way to approach it would be to have low expectations and see what the future has in store for those who are expecting something to happen.

•    Samsung Galaxy 8 and S8 Plus. Samsung wants to make sure that Apple is not in front of them. That’s why the announced new models that should be coming later this year. An overall performance upgrade and a couple of new features are in store for us.

All in all, there are plenty of other amazing upcoming mobiles 2017 will have. For everybody who considers making a purchase as soon as new devices hit the store, they should wait a little bit longer.